Mriwat is situated at 1400m .There are a set of scattering Berber villages totally inhabited by Berber communities whose main works are farming and livestock.

Childreach International and Travel Link have initiated an educational centre in March 2016, through a succession of volunteering groups taking part in various building stages. The centre has currently been open, benefits a great number of children.

You will need a day journey to reach this spectacular village connecting Marrakech toTighdouine) to get to Marigha village, whose inhabitants will warmly receive you and let you know about their simple way of life .

The objectives of Mriwat village centre :

Providing childreen of this rural enviromnet with a school centre of quality so as to reduce their encoutred difficulties

Encouraging integrated developement in favour of rural women.

Preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of this rural environment.

Prroviding the opportunityfor targeted population to get rid of isolation and ignorance

Raissing issues of health, education and environment protection.

Support development and upgrading local fair trade.


Brief summary of work carried out & which
year(s) the project work took place:
1- Opening date: Mars 1, 2016.
2- Completion of work: Interior and exterior painting, electricity and plumbing, floor tile and waterproofing and exterior enclose.
3- Participation of Big Built Morocco:02 Groups
Number of children directly impacted/
number of indirect beneficiaries:
Current statistics: 47
1- Year school: 2015/2016: 26
2- Year school: 2016/2017: 21
Any current statistics/ ranking information/
achievements of the centre/pupils:
Improvement of learning ability.
Smooth school to primary school.
Easy access to primary school