As some of you may know, my late father Ouakrim Benlahcen has always been involved in several charitable organization for our beloved country: Morocco.

It’s my time now to pursue this very important value and to honor my late father’s commitment by supporting a cause that was very close to his heart : youth education and emancipation of women in the most poorest rural areas.

This new project that I am very proud to introduce you,


Consists of the creation of a multifunction center for preschool education and professional training program that will help :

Provide early childhood care and education children.

Fight illiteracy among rural women and promote their professional reintegration by teaching them a skill

Preserve the cultural and artistic heritage of this rural environment.

Raise issues of health, education and environment protection.

Support development and upgrading local fair trade.

I thank you in advance for your contribution into helping those with greater needs than ourselves.