Assafou Association for development was founded on May 12, 2011 at the headquarters of the Al Haouz Provincial Offices of Development Associations in Tahannaout.

Its objective is building centers to provide preschool education, fight illiteracy among rural women and encourage rural world preservation and rural tourism. Assafou Association members come from different backgrounds: academics, university professors, tourism professionals, entrepreneur's executives.... All highly qualified with experience, expertise and all sharing values based on respect and solidarity.  

Its managing team is composed of 13 professionals who all enjoy extensive experiences and share values common to all members of Assafou Association: respect, solidarity and quality.

 Assafou Association for Development in collaboration with Travel Link and other foreign and local partners have been involved in responsible tourism in the High Atlas Mountains. We have contributed altogether in the establishment of Rural Educational Centres to support countryside preschool children in different isolated villages in Al Haouz Province (High Atlas Mountains.

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Summary table of the centers created in the Al Haouz Province (Atlas Mountains).

Project Region Opening date Attendants
Talatast LarbaaTighdouine 27/10/2011 164 30 194 British Moroccan Society UK
Agounsane Ourika 07/10/2012 136 54 190 Saga Trust Fondation UK
Ouarialt Ouzguita 17/O9/2013 149 0 149 Childreach International UK
Aït Chraa Aït Hkim- Aït Izid 17/02/2014 174 0 174 Childreach International UK
Taourirt Aghouatime 18/05/2014 79 0 79 Team Seefried Germany
Marigha Ouirgane 30/11/2014 168 46 214 Childreach International UK
Tizi Ouadou Moulay Brahim 23/12/2014 121 0 121 Childreach International UK
Mriwat LarbaaTighdouine 01/ 03/2016 71 0 71 Childreach International UK
Ait Bouali Tidili Mesfioua 21/11/2016 83 0 83 Childreach International & Sage Fondation UK
Tamghatzdane Touama 23/10/2017 48 43 91 Nadia Benlhcen Ouakrim
Ighir N’sebt Tidili Mesfioua 28/11/2017 36 0 36 Childreach International

Women's Education and Training Center:

  1. Equipment of the Talatast Center. Rural Tighdouine: 03 sewing machines delivered. Beneficiaries: 30 girls.
  2. Center of Agounsane. Rural commune Ourika. Opening: 27/02/2015. Beneficiaries: 54 Women and girls.
  3. Marigha Center. Rural district Ouirgane (Opening: 19 September 2016). Beneficiaries: 46 Women and girls.
  4. Ouakrim Benlahcen Center in Tamghatzdane, Touama (Opening: October 23, 2017). Beneficiaries: 75 Women and girls.

Total Beneficiaries for the four centers: 205 Women and girls.

Environment and Protection of Local Heritage:

  1. Construction of a traditional bridge on the Oued Ouraken. 05/18/2014.
  2. Construction of protective walls against landslide at Aït Hkim and Mriwat centers.
  3. Sensitization and assistance of the potters of Talatast and Agounsane for the creation of their cooperative.
  4. Planting olive trees in the courtyards of Ouarialt and Taourirt centers by voluntary tourists.

Responsible And Solidary Tourism:

Working for a responsible tourism, respectful of people, cultures and environment. Participating in the achievement of small projects in education and training based on local partners. Raising public awareness and local providers of the importance of rural tourism by involving them in a process of reaching for quality and upgrading products.
Promoting a responsible tourism that respects and preserves long-term natural, cultural and social resources, and that contributes positively to a sustainable and equitable development.

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