Our approach

Everywhere in Al Haouz Province Association Assafou supports local actors so that they may themselves devise, develop and implement educational projects. Its aim is to build the capacities and promote the autonomy of population groups (communities, parents, teachers, governments, etc.), so that they can take charge sustainably of their future.

Ensuring the right to development and education for each and every one – children, youth and adults: fighting against all forms of exclusion from education

Improving the quality of education so that it fulfils its function of basic education everywhere and prepares children as best as possible for tomorrow's world (training and support for teachers, influencing public policies, access to new technologies, support to parents, etc.)

Our Objectives

- Take an interest in tourism in Marrakesh - Safi Region, especially in rural, responsible and solidary tourism.

- Integrate women and people with special needs in the development by creating adequate training centers.

- Support and raise awareness the local populations and local actors of the importance of preserving the environment and the local heritage.

- Integrate tourism promoters and tourist establishments in the support and implementation of sustainable development projects.

- Conclude partnership agreements with local councils and municipalities, non-governmental organization at national and international levels, professional chambers and with the following institutions:

- Cadi Ayad University
- Regional Delegation of Ministry of Tourism
- Regional Direction Minestry of Handicrafts
- Regional Delegation of National Solidarity
- Regional Direction of Waters and Forests
- Toubkal National Park
- Regional Direction of Agriculture
- Office of Agricultural Devolopment of Al Haouz
- Social Devolpment Agency
- Devolopment Centre of the Region of Marrakesh -Tensift -AlHaouz

Our Projects