Located south from Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas Mountains; Taourirt is around one hour drive on road from Marrakech in direction of Tahannaout; Ouraken . The Inhabitants are Berber people, living from terraced farming and a wide livestock.

Team Seefried Germany and Travel Link have set up a charitable kindergarten be available in. There are about 19 kids.

We can organize a day trip to enjoy the pretty scenery of the foothills. You will be also able to explore the village, visit the educational centre, and finally share a glass of mint tea with a local family before you head back to Marrakech.

The objectives of Taourirt village centre :

Providing childreen of this rural enviromnet with a school centre of quality so as to reduce their encoutred difficulties

Encouraging integrated developement in favour of rural women.

Preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of this rural environment.

Prroviding the opportunityfor targeted population to get rid of isolation and ignorance

Raissing issues of health, education and environment protection.

Support development and upgrading local fair trade.


Brief summary of work carried out & which
year(s) the project work took place:
1- Opening date: May 18, 2014.
2- Completion of work: Interior and exterior painting, electricity and plumbing, floor tile, waterproofing and exterior enclosure.
3- Participation of local association and habitants.
Number of children directly impacted/
number of indirect beneficiaries:
Current statistics:
1- Year school: 2014/2015: 28
2- Year school: 2015/2016: 15
3- Year school: 2016/2017: 19
Any current statistics/ ranking information/
achievements of the centre/pupils:
Improvement of learning ability.
Smooth school to primary school.
Easy access to primary school.